XGranit sinks are made of composite materials which main component is quartz – the hardest element of granite, so these sinks are also known as „granite sinks“. Quartz as natural material makes 80% of the XGranit sinks. The composite is mixed in controlled process with high quality resins. The final product has exceptional hardness and resistance with the effect of a natural stone.


XGranit properties:

  • easy care (please see use and care instructions for XGranit sinks)
  • long lasting
  • natural stone look
  • scratch resistant
  • exceptional hardness and resistance to breakage
  • resistant to temperatures up to 280 oC
  • hygienic and good for food contact
  • acid resistant
  • colours are UV stabilized and do not fade

XGranit sinks are offered in various shapes and colours which could fit any space.


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